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There are lots of surfers on this planet and we all appreciate and love a great surfing pic.  There are plenty of mags and web sites offering visual delights.  I love creating those delights and hopefully I can capture some surfing photos of you to display and boast about to all who care.   If you see me on the beach come and have a chat.  Please contact me for more info or feedback.  I also take photos of  the conditions between Narrabeen to Curl Curl and try to upload them daily or subscribe and get a daily email.  So if you were surfing early, I may have taken a pic of you.   Also check out RealSurf for some of my posts as well,  Keep surfin'.

Thursday 23rd October 2014

It's all about the colour.

23 OctIMG 7995


Contrary to belief all sunrises are not the same.  This morning's sunrise certainly didn't look like any I have see for a long while.  They are always different and always a pleasure to see.  It's all about the morning colour today. There is a 2 foot peaky E short period wind swell on the beach with a light offshore.  It just needed to be a bit stronger to smooth out the slight lump that it had.  Although at a more protected northern end is was nice and clean.  How cold is the water at the moment.  Must be a cold current down the Nothern Beaches as it takes a while to get used to it once in.  Hope you got to see the great start to the day.  H. 8.34am L. 2.50pm.

23 OctIMG 7863

Patrick Hardman.

23 OctSPOY5269

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23 OctIMG 7897


23 OctIMG 8003

A few of these around lately.

23 OctIMG 7956

Dylan Moffat.

23 OctSPOY5264

It's all about the colour today.

23 OctIMG 8031

23 OctIMG 7943

Ella and Bella.

23 OctSPOY5289

Easterly swell.

23 OctIMG 7846


23 OctSPOY5291


23 OctIMG 7983


23 OctSPOY5286

Surf check.

23 OctSPOY5260

A pleasure to see.

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Thursday 23 October 2014 : 4.27 am

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