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Welcome to Surf Photos of You,

There are lots of surfers on this planet and we all appreciate and love a great surfing pic.  There are plenty of mags and web sites offering visual delights.  I love creating those delights and hopefully I can capture some surfing photos of you to display and boast about to all who care.   If you see me on the beach come and have a chat.  Please contact me for more info or feedback.  I also take photos of  the conditions between Narrabeen to Curl Curl and try to upload them daily or subscribe and get a daily email.  So if you were surfing early, I may have taken a pic of you.   Also check out RealSurf for some of my posts as well,  Keep surfin'.

Thursday 21st August 2014

Comes and goes.

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21AugIMG 9211

Dee Why Centre.

Have you notice that one minute it can be overcast with a light sprinkling of rain and then full sunshine with a large gap in the clouds the next.  Comes and goes.  As with the swell, there will be a sizeable set then a long lull.  Comes and goes.   I'm still at the southern corners as thats where the most protection from these sou-westers are.  Still around 2 - 4 foot with a few fun ones, but you may need to search.  Its expected to drop a little, but with the afternoon southerlies it wont drop much.  Mornings are the go if you can get out there.  Have a great Thursday. L. 11.01am  H. 5.36am.

21AugIMG 9176



Mrs SPoY.

21AugIMG 9144

Down the beach     l    empty.


Drainer on the Point.


Comes and goes rainbow.

21AugIMG 9261



Dee Why.


IB   l   overhead



Claiming it.



21AugIMG 9078

 21AugIMG 9160

Mike Psillakis


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Saturday 23 August 2014 : 9.32 am

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