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Welcome to Surf Photos of You,

There are lots of surfers on this planet and we all appreciate and love a great surfing pic.  There are plenty of mags and web sites offering visual delights.  I love creating those delights and hopefully I can capture some surfing photos of you to display and boast about to all who care.   If you see me on the beach come and have a chat.  Please contact me for more info or feedback.  I also take photos of  the conditions between Narrabeen to Curl Curl and try to upload them daily or subscribe and get a daily email.  So if you were surfing early, I may have taken a pic of you.   Also check out RealSurf for some of my posts as well,  Keep surfin'.

Wednesday 23rd April 2014



The onlys surfing pic I grabbed all morning        l        Jamie T.

The swell has been on a downward trend since Sunday and I think its at the bottom of the wave size.  There are a few 2 footers hitting the beaches from the south east but it is a bit of a wait for a 2 foot set.  I decided to get out in the water and try to capture some tiny little clean water shots at Southy and came up with a few.  Mrs SPoY got me getting a great sunset yesterday and I must admit that yesterday's sunrise and sunset double were indeed the best for a long while.  Hasn't the weather been FAB and it looks like it will continue into Thursday but a change is forecast for Friday as well as a rise in swell.  The good and bad.  Have a great day where ever you may be.  L. 9.15am  H. 3.28pm.

23AprilIMG 6738


23AprilIMG 6628 

Dee Why.


Bird shapes.


Dee Why.

23AprilIMG 6713

The underwater vortex.

23AprilIMG 3586

Yesterdays sunset.  (MrsSPoY)

23AprilIMG 6634





Lone SUP.

23AprilIMG 6643

23AprilIMG 6706

23AprilIMG 6734

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Thursday 24 April 2014 : 5.19 am

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