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There are lots of surfers on this planet and we all appreciate and love a great surfing pic.  There are plenty of mags and web sites offering visual delights.  I love creating those delights and hopefully I can capture some surfing photos of you to display and boast about to all who care.   If you see me on the beach come and have a chat.  Please contact me for more info or feedback.  I also take photos of  the conditions between Narrabeen to Curl Curl and try to upload them daily or subscribe and get a daily email.  So if you were surfing early, I may have taken a pic of you.   Also check out RealSurf for some of my posts as well,  Keep surfin'.

Wednesday 22nd October 2014

Delphinidae...  (don't forget to subscribe>>)

22 OctIMG 7620

Rusty had to work hard to headline this morning.

How lucky are we, we who live by the sea, we who live on the Northern Beaches on the east coast of this beautiful country.  I am hyped by this morning's playful Delphinidae.  They just hung around Dee Why cruizing in and out of the break, hunting and surfing.  A great site to see and I managed to grab a few nice pics too.  Thats why I am a bit late.  Plus there were some nice fun waves around this morning and I was at Long Reef with Manly School School and Pittwater House School morning surf training.  How good is that.  Never had that when I was at school in the 19..'s.  Have a great day and I reckon those Dolphins would still be at Dee Why so if you get lunch break, get down there... it's unreal.  YEW!  H. 7.59am  L. 2.12pm.  Oh yeah Delphinidae is their family group which include small tooth whales and porpoises.

22 OctIMG 7436

Look at these kooks (NOT).

22 OctIMG 7373


22 OctSPOY5235

Long Reef early.

22 OctIMG 7381

Azza    l    Rodeo

22 OctIMG 7807


22 OctIMG 7574


22 OctIMG 7794

Delphinidae punt.

22 OctIMG 7604


22 OctSPOY5223


22 OctIMG 7676


22 OctIMG 7814

Kick Out.

22 OctIMG 7462

Fantail Rusty.

22 OctSPOY5244

Long Reef.

22 OctIMG 7543


22 OctIMG 7163

22 OctIMG 7209


22 OctIMG 7218

22 OctIMG 7294

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Wednesday 22 October 2014 : 9.37 pm

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