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We are a husband and wife photographic team. Surf Photos of You (@surfphotosofyou), concentrates mainly on surfing photos, capturing you in your finest surfing moments.  Mrs SPoY (@mrsspoy) loves sunrise, sunsets and beachscapes.  Together we are #TeamSPoY.

About me

I first started surfing in the very early 70’s as a school kid growing up on the Northern Beaches. Whilst in 6th form (Year 12) I developed a keen interest in photography.
Back then it was vastly different than it is now. I mainly used Black and White film, developing and printing my own photos to exhibit and compete.
I love the ocean and taking photos of its beauty and those riding the waves around the Northern Beaches. Everyday I see its vastly differing shapes, colour and power.
So I thought I would combine the two and take …..
Surf Photos of You.


About Mrs SPOY

The other dynamic half of Surf Photos of You, is my wife, Suzy aka Mrs SPOY, who has developed an impressive talent for sunrises, sunsets and any member of the animal kingdom that finds itself within the beachscapes we visit (particularly birds). Check her CoastalWatch award winning ‘Sailfish’ wave pic captured at Narrabeen, demonstrating her patience and the keen eye of the accomplished photog she is. Check out all our photographs within the pages of this site. And if you would like these images to hit your email Inbox, don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter.

Thanks for visiting SPoY. Yew!

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Surf Reports – Warriewood to Curl Curl
Wrestling crocodiles

Wrestling crocodiles

Today's Gallery There were a couple of good sized pulses this morning.  Very early on it was a solid 6 -8 foot but then around 8am it seemed to almost stop, as if someone turned the tap off.  I thought 'there is my chance to go for a surf at a reasonable 3 - 4 foot'....

Ahhhh don’t you love Fridays.

Ahhhh don’t you love Fridays.

How good are Fridays.  There was a beautiful sunrise, the water temp is a spectacular 22C and as a bonus the waves are in the 4 - 6 foot range.  Where would you rather be than out in the surf.  There is going to be a couple of pulses so the waves will be around all...

Clean, offshore  & overcast.

Clean, offshore & overcast.

It was a beautiful morning out there (as always).  Although it was a grey start to the day, the sun popped out for a short while before going back into hiding.  Waves are in the 3 foot range and with that very light south wester they were a lot of fun albeit a bit fat...

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