Another beauty

21 April 2016

Blondie (Jo) (SPoY2014)

Blondie (Jo)

It’s another FAB day…  Sun, sea and surf what else do you want.  The waves are smaller than yesterday but they are still super fun if you can find a spot that is not too busy.  Still in the 2 – 3 foot size and the water clarity is so nice you can see through it like glass.  So in essence, it’s another beautiful day.  Get out there…

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Classic @mrsspoy (Surf Photos of You 2016)

Classic @mrsspoy

Millie (SPoY2014)


6.25am (Surf Photos of You 2016)


Grom of the day (SPoY2014)

Grom of the day

3rd Track (Surf Photos of You 2016)

3rd Track

Clean right (SPoY2014)

Clean right

Bigger than one foot (SPoY)

Bigger than one foot

Rail grab (SPoY2014)

Rail grab

Vlug sandwich (SPoY2014)

Vlug sandwich

Narrabeen (SPoY)


Sam frothing (SPoY2014)

Sam frothing

Empty (Surf Photos of You 2016)


Jo (SPoY2014)


Set Up (SPoY2014)

Set Up

Vert (SPoY2014)


Millie (SPoY2014)


Curtain (Surf Photos of You 2016)


In the shade (SPoY2014)

In the shade