Yo Yo

5 May 2016


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It’s been an up and down week waves wise.  More akin to a Yo Yo than anything else.  Monday it was 1 foot then up on Tuesday to a fun 3 foot.  Yesterday down again to 1 foot and this morning back up to 3 foot on the sets.  Although it was fairly fat with the high tide it was the second wave of the set that proved most fruitful.  (I learnt that from watching the WSL and the commentary)  Maybe I should put that into practice myself as my wave selection leaves a lot to be desired.  The wind is super light now and the waves looked fun early.  Hopefully it won’t drop to 1 foot tomorrow.  Have a great day

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 (Michael Kellerman)

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Dripping wet

Dee Why Pic @mrsspoy

Going left

Face rinse

SCC cutbnack


Touching water

On your toes

Inside reo


Looking down the line