16 seconds

12 May 2016

Almost perfect shape

Almost perfect shape

Apparently the swell out to sea is at 16 seconds.  There was some evidence of it this morning with a few 3 -4 foot waves hitting the south facing bombies     As it was very south it was passing us by. Even though it was low tide early they were still a little fat with long lulls.  I was in between two banks this morning, one with a nice right hander and the other was the bombie.  We hope you got up to see another cracker of a sunrise.  If not we have it covered for you.  Have a great Autumn Thursday…

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Peak (Peter on the right) (SPoY)

Peak (Peter on the right)

Smiling chick (SPoY2014)

Smiling chick

Right (SPoY)


One in front (SPoY2014)

One in front

Classic @mrsspoy sunrise (Surf Photos of You 2016)

Classic @mrsspoy sunrise

Peter with his foam mask (SPoY2014)

Peter with his foam mask

Early surf (Surf Photos of You 2016)

Early surf

On rail (SPoY2014)

On rail

Cracking Dee Why sunrise (SPoY)

Cracking Dee Why sunrise

Right Roger (SPoY2014)

Right Roger

Fun waves this morning (SPoY2014)

Fun waves this morning

Caught behind (SPoY2014)

Caught behind

Luke (SPoY2014)


Expression session (SPoY2014)

Expression session

Frother (SPoY2014)


Preparing to.... (SPoY2014)

Preparing to….

Rail grab right (SPoY2014)

Rail grab right