Friday 13 May 2016



Sunrise, surf,  eat, surf, sleep, repeat.  Thats how it has worked out over the last month or so.  The waves have been fun.  The weather just keeps on keeping on.  We get up the next day and it’s on again.  It’s May and has been a great start to the year.  Don’t hear anyone complaining out there.  Today…. no need for words just enjoy todays post and have the best weekend you can.  Please follow us on Instagram, @surfphotosofyou & @mrsspoy and don’t forget to subscribe or get your friends on it.

Sunrise surfer Long Reef

Sunrise surfer Long Reef



Dee Why

Dee Why    Pic by Mrs SPoY

Seal Pup Leon (SPoY2014)

Seal Pup Leon

6.15am (SPoY)


On top (SPoY2014)

On top

Sunrise (Surf Photos of You 2016)

Sunrise  Pic by Mrs SPoY

Stephen throw (SPoY2014)

Stephen throwing

Dee Why (SPoY2014)

Dee Why

Fins and froth (SPoY2014)

Fins and froth

Fun right (SPoY2014)

Fun right

Soul surfer (SPoY2014)

Soul surfer

Slash (SPoY2014)


Stand up (SPoY2014)

Stand up Hand up

Rusty drop wallet (SPoY2014)

Rusty drop wallet

Done (SPoY)


Across the coping (SPoY2014)

Across the coping

Wall; ahead (SPoY2014)

Wall ahead

Burning reeds (Surf Photos of You 2016)

Burning reeds Pic by Mrs SPoY

Dodgem (SPoY2014)


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