Four foot…

16 May 2016

Focused (SPoY2014)


My title doesn’t relate to today’s wave height .  In fact if it did, the title would be ‘Micro foot’.  Today you have to be four foot tall and weigh in at about 30kgs to enjoy the shore break on offer at all of the Northern Beaches.  We have had waves all summer and now when it is expected to be wave season there is nothing.  But the groms seemed to be on lots of party waves.  What are friends for, but to share.  Have a great Monday as the weather is FAB.

The DHD EpoxyCore DX1 surfboard raffle is on with more details coming.  One important point is that you must be a subscriber to our daily emails to be in it to win it.  There will be only 100 tickets available at $10 each with a max of 2 per subscriber.  Apart from the DHD EpoxyCore DX1, there will be a Creatures tail pad and leggie, a set of Zenith fins, a 30 x 45cm metal print of Mrs SPoY’s award winning Sailfish Wave and Michelle Drielsma’s  Fluid Surfer, the surfers bible to endless performance and injury prevention. Thats a total value of $1360.  A big thanks to Wick Surf Shop at Collaroy for coming to the party.  More details in Wednesday’s email but you can get in early and purchase tickets via PayPal to our email,  (please put your details in the transaction)  All profits will new donated to the Surfrider Foundation.

Saturday morning (Surf Photos of You 2016)

Saturday morning

Exposing the fins (SPoY2014)

Exposing the fins

The EpoxyCore…… Pic courtesy of DHD Surfboards website

Parteee (SPoY2014)


This morning classic by Mrs SPoY (Surf Photos of You 2016)

This morning’s classic by Mrs SPoY

Going for it (SPoY2014)

Going for it

Last night's sunset (Surf Photos of You 2016)

Last night’s sunset

Soft top is required for a paddle this morning (SPoY)

Soft top is required for a paddle this morning

Horses (SPoY2014)


Backhand (SPoY2014)


High, middle and low (SPoY2014)

High, middle and low

No one out.... I wonder why (SPoY2014)

No one out…. I wonder why

Track (Surf Photos of You 2016)


Backside (SPoY2014)


Meeting in the middle (SPoY)

Meeting in the middle

Froth (SPoY2014)


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