17 May 2016

Gabes (SPoY2014)


There has been a slight increase in the wave size this morning but only another .5 of a foot.  I thought it may have been a bit bigger as there was a pulse yesterday and it was a nice 3 foot south swell coming in.  But that has disappeared now and we are back to 1 foot shore breaks.  I hear there are big waves in Fiji, big waves in WA which will soon make their way to Indo.  So here on the east coast…..  Nudda, nothing.  Great day for a paddle….

Just a reminder about the DHD EpoxyCore surfboard raffle (more info) tomorrow so thanks to all those that have already purchased tickets and I will collate your responses this week.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, check yesterday’s post/email for your chance to be in the draw for the EpoxyCore and a few other prizes to the value of $1350.  $10 per ticket max 2 by Paypal to (only 100 tickets sold… even less now)

Dee Why sunrise (SPoY)

Dee Why sunrise

15 Mayepopxy1

The DX1 EpoxyCore $10/ ticket. Only 100 sold.  Pic courtesy of the DHD website

Sam French (SPoY2014)

Sam French

Fins out the back (SPoY2014)

Fins out the back

Spray (SPoY2014)


Snap (SPoY2014)


Last night's sunset. Pic by Mrs SPoY (Michael Kellerman)

Last night’s sunset. Pic by Mrs SPoY

Shorey (SPoY2014)


Dee Why (SPoY)

Dee Why

Dee Why SUPin (Michael Kellerman)

Dee Why SUPin (Mrs SPoY)

Bombed (SPoY2014)


Narrabeen silver (SPoY)

Narrabeen silver

Early cloud (SPoY)

Early cloud

Shorey punt (SPoY2014)

Shorey punt

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Fluid surfer

Fluid Surfer by Michelle Drielsma