18 May 2016

This is going to be short….. THERE ARE NO WAVES TODAY.

Well there is the tiniest bump on the open south facing beaches but you will need 50+ lites of volume and 10’+ in length.  Find a spot where there were a few banks last week and it may break on low tide today.  If you are not interested in the raffle where there are over $1350 of prizes go down to Flying High.  Have a great Wednesday.

15 Mayepopxy1

The DHD 1DX EpoxyCore.. Pic courtesy of DHD website.

Here is the information about the DHD EpoxyCore raffle we, SPoY and Wicks Surf at Collaroy are collaborating on.  The raffle prize (one prize only) is:

1 DHD EpoxyCore Surfboard from the stock at Wicks Surf.  Not custom made.

1 Creatures of Leisure Tail pad and1 Legrope,  Thanks to Lee Keates from Creatures,

1 set of Zenith thruster FCS1 fins,  Thanks Gavin from Zenith Surf.

1 Fluid Surfer, The Surfer’s Bible to Endless Performance & Injury Prevention.  Thanks to Michelle Drielsma

1 30 x 45CM glass print of Mrs SPoY’s award winning Sailfish wave.  See below.


Raffle tickets are $10 each with a maximum of 2 per subscriber.  Only 100 tickets available but at the time of this post there are only 56 tickets left.  Payment is by PayPal to michael@surfphotosofyou.com.au. Please leave your details in the transaction. You must be a subscriber to Surf Photos of You website/daily emails.  (Subscribe here)  Prizes are pick up only at Wicks Surf Shop at Collaroy.  If you require posting of prizes, it is at your own expense.  The draw of the raffle will be after the sale of all 100 tickets and will be held at Wicks Surf by Peter.  Winners will be notified ASAP after draw. The prizes cannot be redeemed for cash.  This is a non profit raffle and any profits made will be donated to the Starlight Children’s Foundation.  Good Luck!

17 MaySPOY5988

30 x 45 CM glass print of Mrs SPoY award winning Sailfish Wave.

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Today’s Post

Flying High


Burning (Michael Kellerman)


Banks (Michael Kellerman)


Collaroy (Michael Kellerman)


Collaroy Sunrise. (SPoY)

Collaroy Sunrise.

Shore break walk (Michael Kellerman)

Shore break walk

Long Reef Beach (Michael Kellerman)

Long Reef Beach

Collaroy Pool (SPoY)

Collaroy Pool