The good, the flat and the smokey.

19 May 2016

 (Michael Kellerman)

WCT rookie Davey Cathels ripping in Rio

Good weather, flat lining surf and a hazy morning….. repeat.   We have gone pictorial land and beach scapes this morning as the surfing content is non existent.  Maybe a couple of little bumps on the beaches where the sand hasn’t piled up on the beach rather than out in the water.  South Narrabeen is a classic example.  Can’t remember when it had it’s last decent wave.  There are 10 tickets left for the DHD EpoxyCore raffle so please contact me ( as I don’t want to over sell, as there has been great interest and for that I thank all those that have entered.  I will contact you when the last tickets have gone and allocate you your lucky numbers.  Local North Narrabeen WCT surfer Davey Cathels is having his best comp over in Rio and has made the Quarter Finals.  Good Luck DC.  There maybe a little pulse on Saturday so lets hope it may break.  

Tiny waves on offer this morning


Flowing glass


Move on, nothing to see here

Wave of the day….. Long Reef


Thats a mirage

Smoke haze over the Northern Beaches

Two Herons Pic by Mrs SPoY

Mine…. Pic by Mrs SPoY

Anybody wake up blurry????


The south east swell continues.

 (Michael Kellerman)                                                (Michael Kellerman)