20 May 2016

The Shadow 2013 (SPoY 2016)

The Shadow 2013

The good news is…. there is a south swell on it’s way and by late this afternoon it should be around 4 foot(I say that loosely).  But at the moment it’s flat lining like it has the last couple of days.  So with no surfer content I though I would see what it was like On This Day in May 2013, 14 and 2015 and post a few pics from years gone by.  You judge for your selves which year was the best as all of them had more size than today.  More good news…. It’s Friday and there should be waves over the weekend.  See you on the other side and be safe.

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Longy Bombie 2013 (SPoY 2016)

Longy Bombie 2013

This morning’s Dee Why sunrise. Pic by Mrs SPoY

2014 (SPoY2014)

2014  Laura Enever

Whats SUP Pic by Mrs SPoY (SPoY 2016)

Whats SUP Pic by Mrs SPoY

2015 (SPoY2014)


Empty 2013 (SPoY 2016)

Empty 2013

2016 Pic by Mrs SPoY (SPoY 2016)

Empty 2016 Pic by Mrs SPoY

Tru, Jess and Bella 2014 (SPoY)

Tru, Jess and Bella 2014

Beach Shed view (SPoY)

Beach Shed view  Today

Pacific Lake (SPoY)

Pacific Lake

This morning.

15 Maywicks logo1

Wicks Surf Shop Pittwater Road, Collaroy

Fluid surfer

Fluid surfer


Zenith Fins