Above and below

11 August 2016


Wave of the day

It is tiny out on the water today.  I’m sure it is below 1 foot in size and you needed the longest SUP you can manage just to get on the bumps on offer.  Better still enjoy a paddle up and down the beach, as the waves are few and far in-between.  So there is only one surfing pic today and the rest are from high and from low.  The rest of the week and into the weekend, looks a similar flat line for surfing.  A good day to do other chores.  Have a great Thursday.

DCIM@MEDIADJI_0010.JPG (Michael Kellerman)

Peter Orchard on his 10+ SUP

 (Michael Kellerman)

That’s less than a foot in size

 (Michael Kellerman)

Flaring SUP at Dee Why. Pic by Mrs SPoY


Today’s only surfing pic

 (Michael Kellerman)

Marquesas 1

DCIM@MEDIADJI_0006.JPG (Michael Kellerman)

Cauliflower tracks

DCIM@MEDIADJI_0029.JPG (Michael Kellerman)

Secret bank ready for some swell

DCIM@MEDIADJI_0004.JPG (Michael Kellerman)

Dee Why Lagoon

DCIM@MEDIADJI_0033.JPG (Michael Kellerman)


DCIM@MEDIADJI_0043.JPG (Michael Kellerman)

Opposite direction

 (Michael Kellerman)

Marquesas 2

 (Michael Kellerman)


DCIM@MEDIADJI_0017.JPG (Michael Kellerman)

Good day for golf

 (Michael Kellerman)


DCIM@MEDIADJI_0034.JPG (Michael Kellerman)

All tracks lead to..