10 April 2017

DCIM@MEDIADJI_0098.JPG (Michael Kellerman)

2 left and 2 right

The swell that I mentioned in my footnotes last week, has been delayed a day or so.  But by this afternoon we should see an increase to about 2 foot.  That’s a 100% increase in the wave size from this morning.  The wind will strengthen today from the blustery westerly already hitting us this morning.  This will bring the waves up to around 5 foot but there will be a strong SW  wind to go with it.    Hopefully there will be some nice waves around.  Have a great Monday.

 (Michael Kellerman)

Shorey flare (Mrs SPoY)

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3 surfing shadows

 (Michael Kellerman)

Waiting (Mrs SPoY)

 (Michael Kellerman)

Saturday’s sunset (Mrs SPoY)

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Long Reef

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Steps (Mrs SPoY)

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Classic Mrs SPoY

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 (Michael Kellerman)

Curl and the girl (Mrs SPoY)

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 (Michael Kellerman)

Jonathan, Mrs SPoY’s seagull model

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Should be bigger this afternoon

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It’s Longboard Monday