Little Road trip

19 April 2017

Small fun waves at Crescent

I had to run a little errand up the mid north coast and stopped in a little favourite seaside town.  The waves were small and the lineup was super busy but the waves looked like fun.  We could only imagine this place 60 years ago as Im sure the line up hasnt changed a great deal, other than the crowd  The combination of southerly winds and an easterly swell just make for magic long rides.  Although this morning the weather has closed in and it’s the first drops of rain I have experienced for a few weeks.  Have a great Wednesday.

In between the trees  Sally


Wall ahead

Busy line up

Everybody rides a fish or longboards here

This morning

Down the line

From behind

Thats a wrap

High Line



Biggest wave I saw this morning

Pebble Beach

Styling colours

It was slow