No appearance… as yet.

30 June 2017


Long Reef reflections

That predicted swell has made no appearance as of sunrise this morning.  But as I write there may be a small sign of swell.  Not sure how big it will get but there is that classic south west wind to bring up a ground swell.  Oh, as a bonus it’s really cold early.  I did see one brave (keen) surfer at Long Reef early and a few at South Curl Curl.  It’s one of those mornings where you could take it or leave it.  Have a great weekend and stay warm.  I hope you enjoy these pics.

DCIM@MEDIADJI_0091.JPG (Michael Kellerman)

High burning

DCIM@MEDIADJI_0098.JPG (Michael Kellerman)

Straight at South Curly

 (Michael Kellerman)

Dee Why sunrise (Mrs SPoY)

DCIM@MEDIADJI_0103.JPG (Michael Kellerman)

3rd track

DCIM@MEDIADJI_0086.JPG (Michael Kellerman)

Looks so different from this angle… even surfable

 (Michael Kellerman)

Always great to see black swans (Mrs SPoY)


Long Reef right on sunrise

DCIM@MEDIADJI_0097.JPG (Michael Kellerman)

Walk out


No one out

DCIM@MEDIADJI_0081.JPG (Michael Kellerman)

Dee Why

DCIM@MEDIADJI_0083.JPG (Michael Kellerman)

Beach shapes