Grom size

4 September 2017


Reo Grom

Waves are in the grom size… small.  Only waist high around 1 to maybe 2 foot.  Combined with the high tide they were fat and slow.  Maybe a lunch time surf when there is less water.  Swell looks like building into the back end of the week, not before another tiny Tuesday.  Have a great start to your first Monday of Spring.  Happy Birthday Js… RIP.

DCIM@MEDIADJI_0185.JPG (Michael Kellerman)

North Narrabeen Pool


Cruising grom

 (Michael Kellerman)

Classic Mrs SPoY


Cutback grom

DCIM@MEDIADJI_0200.JPG (Michael Kellerman)

Looking north


Hair raising grom

DCIM@MEDIADJI_0190.JPG (Michael Kellerman)



Spraying grom


faraway  grom




Snapping grom


2 blocks of flats


Not a grom

DCIM@MEDIADJI_0195.JPG (Michael Kellerman)

Rat Park