I’ve got nothing.

18 July 2018
$45.00, 18 July 2018, Dee Why, Surf Photos of You, @mrsspoy ($45.00, 18 July 2018, Dee Why, Surf Photos of You, @mrsspoy)

Lone surfer (Mrs SPoY)

Although it’s a beautiful day the waves have gone somewhere else.  It just barely made a foot even with the early low.  So today I’ve got nothing for you other than a few arty shots.  Have a great day and check today’s Manly Daily as Mrs SPoY gets another for the scrapbook. #takingover. Check our Instagram stories @surfphotosofyou @mrsspoy

DCIM@GOPROG0052157.JPG (Michael Kellerman)

This is less than 1 foot high

 (Michael Kellerman)

The sun looked like the moon rising this morning. (Mrs SPoY)

DCIM@GOPROG0032139.JPG (Michael Kellerman)

Down below

 (Michael Kellerman)

Yay a wave (Mrs SPoY)

DCIM@GOPROGOPR2107.JPG (Michael Kellerman)

A surfers perspective

 (Michael Kellerman)

Even these guys and gal struggled (MrsSPoY)

 (Michael Kellerman)

Mmmmm decisions (Mrs SPoY)

 (Michael Kellerman)