Cool and Windy

7 August 2018

DCIM@GOPROG0552792.JPG (Michael Kellerman)


Today’s Gallery

It’s pretty small again this morning.  Conditions are perfect but the waves haven’t come to the party.  I think I saw a 2 footer, but most were much smaller.  These are the mornings I get out in the water with the camera and grab a couple of shots.  Even better with a low tide so I could stand and shoot rather than chase with flippers.  The third part of Winter, the waves have deserted us and this week is going to be small again.  Get out that to do list (although go surfing is usually at the top) you may need to something else.  Have a enjoyable Tuesday but it’s cool and windy.

 (Michael Kellerman)

Sun shower (Mrs SPoY)

DCIM@GOPROG0392631.JPG (Michael Kellerman)

From behind

DCIM@GOPROG0622858.JPG (Michael Kellerman)

Duck diving

DCIM@GOPROG0462700.JPG (Michael Kellerman)

A beautiful morning to surf tiny waves

 (Michael Kellerman)

Patience (Mrs SPoY)

 (Michael Kellerman)

Success (Mrs SPoY)

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Froth shapes

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DCIM@GOPROG0522761.JPG (Michael Kellerman)

Low tide

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